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Castles and Palaces in Rhein-Erft County

As part of the "Rhenish Bight“, Rhein-Erft County represents one of Germany’s richest regions in water castles. More than fifty castles, palaces and manors can be found in the area adjacent to the Rhine and Erft rivers. Among these are Augustusburg and Falkenlust Castles in Brühl, two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Even if the gardens and historic buildings of some castles and palaces can only be viewed from the outside, a visit is always worthy of your time. Some of the palace gardens are part of the "Strasse der Gartenkunst", the “Road of Landscape Artistry” in North-Rhine Westphalia: Gracht Castle in Erftstadt-Liblar, Paffendorf Castle in Bergheim-Paffendorf and Augustusburg Castle in Brühl.