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The Lignite Experience

Three quarters of German lignite production takes place within the “Rhenish Revier” in the city triangle of Aachen, Cologne and Mönchengladbach. The three surface mining facilities at Garzweiler, Hambach and Inden produce more than 100 million tons of lignite coal each year.

Rhenish lignite is therefore well known far beyond the borders of this region. However, the lignite theme not only features steel giants carving huge digs into the landscape, it also includes re-cultivation efforts and alternative energies. 


Some of the lignite excavators are up to 100 m tall, 225 m long, weigh 13,000 tons, and can move up to 240,000 cubic meters of earth material per day. These are dimensions hardly imaginable - unless you’ve seen them with your very own eyes.

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