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Campground Liblarer See


Lake Liblar is one of the clearest and cleanest swimming lakes in the region. The origin of today’s swimming paradise goes back more than 50 years. At the time, the lake was merely an excavation pit for the Liblar surface mining operations which exercised their mining rights in the area.
The State of North-Rhine Westphalia and the State Forestry of Bonn Kottenforst-Ville re-cultivated the area in collaboration with the Rhineland Nature Preserve.
People seeking fun and relaxation will find a public swimming area on the northern shore of Lake Liblar. Parking is available for a fee.


Adults, 3.50

3,50 €

Children, 2.50

2,50 €


6,50 €


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Liblarer See

50374 Erftstadt-Liblar

Phone: (02235) 3899