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An adventurous world for the young and the old

The Phantasialand offers a great variety of attractions promising joy, fun and excitement – everything uniquely integrated in the six theme based areas. One of the highlights is Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn, a full six minute water adventure with the world’s steepest drop on a log flume ride. Furthermore, guests can go on a mouse hunt with Maus-au-Chocolat in this worldwide unique and interactive fun ride in 3D. At the Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff everything is topsy-turvy – great fun for every age!Many of the public’s favorite attractions like Black Mamba, Talocan, Winja`s Fear & Force, River Quest or Mystery Castle guarantee thrilling joyrides and pure adventure! Get ready for goosebumps! Moreover, Phantasialand offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. With Wellenflug you can go up in the air at the Kaiserplatz and by boarding the Würmling Express you can discover the peaceful and enchanting Wuze-Tal with your little kids.Also, many in- and outdoor shows await the guests, such as the dynamic figure ice skating show Relight my fire or the exciting action show Jump! featuring some of the the world’s most talented stilt jumpers, trampolinists, BMX riders and break dancers.There are lots of wonderful restaurants and snacks with food and drinks all theme based on the many different areas of Phantasialand, from Mexico to Africa and from China to Berlin and, of course, the highly recommended hotels LING BAO and MATAMBA.

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Opening of the rides: at 10:00 a.m., Closure of the cash desks: 4:00 p.m.

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22 - 950

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60 - 1275

parliament style: (Pers.)

140 - 500

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