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Kayaking on the Erft River

Kayaking in the Erft River is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. While you pursue your physical activity, the beauty and variety of nature are passing before your very eye. The even and steady flow of the Erft River ensures that even the unskilled paddler moves along swiftly.

Different routes are available, from a two-hour beginner’s tour to a multi-day program. We can arrange for the return transportation of you and your kayaks upon your arrival at the destination. Special group rates are also available, including teepee tents for outdoors camping.

Of course, safety is our top priority in all of our activities. The boats are very stable and absolutely unsinkable. You will receive detailed instructions prior to your start, and life preservers are of course included in the rental price.
Starting this year, the kayak station also offers bicycle rentals. This provides you with an opportunity to explore the beautiful Erft River, and also to see the attractions away from the river. How about getting your adventure day started with a special kayaker’s breakfast at the Restaurant "Am Angelpark" in Bergheim-Zieverich?


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Am Angelpark

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